Chapter 1: Follow the White Rabbit

Meet Pooky Bunny, and the miserable paranoid condition they call existence.
Book 1: The Glimmering City
Chapter 1 Cover
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Chapter 2: Wicked Sister

Meet Juju. She's a total doll
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Chapter 3: The Gritty City

Meet the city, and all the stories within
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Chapter 4: Looking Glass

Pooky makes a move to the weird little town of Haunted Junction
Chapter 4 Cover
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Chapter 5: Century

Pooky has 100 hours to catch a mad bomber, but discovers a deeper truth hidden within the mystery
Chapter 5 Cover
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Chapter 6: Scripture

Penelope returns to her home town, and has a story to tell, while her little sister Penny has her own challenges to face
Chapter 6 Cover
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Chapter 7: Wasp and Butterfly

Piago has always been a fighter, but her greatest struggle is within
Chapter 7 Cover
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Book 1 End

Chapter 8: Summer in the City Act 1: July

The outset of Book 2. There's a new face in the city, and with her comes a new mystery.
Book 2: Summer in the City
Act 1: July
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Chapter 9: Summer in the City Act 2: August

Penelope takes center stage as crime begins to consume the city.
Act 2: August
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Chapter 10: Summer in the City Act 3: September

The fall of a mob boss is only the beginning. Will Penelope prevail, or will a city be consumed by hate?
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Book 2 Epilogue

At last that long summer came to an end
Book 2 Epilogue Page 1
Book 2 Epilogue Page 2
Epilogue 3
Chapter 11 Cover

Chapter 11: Oh Deer God

Join Pooky, Hannibal, and Piago at the outset of their road trip, when they encounter a strange being that roams the mountains.
Book 3: Coast to Coast
Ch.11 Pg.1
Ch.11 Pg.2
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